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Our Hindu Heritage

Sri Ramana Prasadam


Prasadam means Grace, bright clarity, sacrament, or, it can also refer to something that has been blessed, like food or sacred ash, etc. Here at SAT, prasadam is often used when referring to food that has been prepared by Bhagavan's devotees for Bhagavan's devotees. It is food that has been prepared from bright clarity, with love and care, to express the deep love and care devotees have for Sri Ramana and His devotees. From this vantage point, the food becomes sacrament, and it is by God's Grace that we are able to partake of it. When the food is served in our Temple, it is naturally blessed by Bhagavan, Siva and the Gods as we are surrounded by them as we consume their blessings in the form of food. When we receive such prasadam, Sri Bhagavan's Grace and blessings are palpable, and the prasadam becomes more than mere sustenance for the body.

Prasadam, therefore, is brought forth by God, served by God, blessed by God, and consumed by God. In essence, we ourselves are swallowed up and become food for God.


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